The Pure & Natural Cream Company is a small family run company, by Maureen Davidson and her son Richard.

As Maureen explains 21 years ago my daughter Michelle was suffering from severe infant nappy rash, whist I myself was suffering from dermatitis on my hands, washing all those old-school towel nappies.

An elderly Aunt gave me an old home made skin care recipe and told me it was the answer to our irritating skin conditions. I had nothing to lose, so set about creating our home made skin cream in our kitchen with 100% natural ingredients, and started using it straight away. Lo and behold I was gobsmacked: the dermatitis on my hands started to clear up almost overnight, I could see massive improvements and Michelle’s infant nappy rash was gone within no time at all.


As a family, we continued to use our secret recipe home made skin cream and shared with friends…then friends of friends and so on. Until eventually, after hearing so much great feedback from so many who had an irritating skin condtion like psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, dry skin, chapped heels and more, we were inspired, some 21 years later, to set about fine-tuning our natural home made skin cream to bring it to market. And, after thorough research and testing of our product, we are proud to say that Marichel Skin Care cream is now giving comfort to many who have a skin condition that needs natural, organic care.

We have never tested on animals and never will. Pure, natural and ethical is our ethos. We do not use colourants, perfumes or any other artificial additives. That’s our promise to you.

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