Looking for a Natural Cream for Dermatitis? Marichel Skin Care can help.

Dermatitis, put simply, is any inflammation of the skin. A number of health conditions, allergies, genetic factors and irritation can be responsible for causing dermatitis. There are in fact several types of dermatitis, which are distinguished by the factor that triggers the skin’s reaction.

Symptoms may include red, burning patches of skin, stinging, soreness, itchy skin and blistering. Without treatment, dermatitis can inflict long-term damage to the skin and cause prolonged discomfort, particularly at night. Our Marichel Skin Care cream is perfect or those of you looking for a 100% natural cream for dermatitis.

Hairdressers are particularly prone to dermatitis due to the nature of their work. According the Health and Safety Executive, up to 70 per cent of hairdressers suffer from work-related skin damage such as dermatitis at some point during their career.

Irritant contact dermatitis can flare up after a few contacts with strong chemicals like bleach. More commonly it develops gradually over time, as a result of frequent wet working or working with milder chemicals like shampoo. This form of dermatitis is 80% more common than the allergic form.

Allergic contact dermatitis can develop quickly after only a few contacts with a substance like shampoos or colours. Sometimes it can take months, or even years, for the allergy to develop. Generally, people who become sensitive to an allergen will be allergic to it for the rest of their lives.

Contact dermatitis can also be caused by the exposure to allergens such as metal, jewellery, cosmetics and perfume. Individuals develop this condition due to a brief exposure to the allergen or to a prolonged exposure to an irritant, such as those mentioned above.

So how can you treat dermatitis, including hairdressing dermatitis?

The most commonly prescribed medical treatments for dermatitis utilise topical steroids ointments, creams and lotions which containing corticosteroid medicines, that operate on the skin by reducing inflammation.

But topical steroids can aggravate sensitive skin, especially if they’re over-used. In some cases, they can thin the skin and inhibit its ability to fight off further infections.

Is there a natural alternative cream for dermatitis to avoid steroids?

Happily the answer is YES!

Our Marichel Skin Care cream, ideal to treat dermatitis, contains 100% natural ingredients: Wool fat, Hemp oil and Balsam. That’s it. Nothing else! The cream has not been tested on animals, and we don’t use colourants, perfumes or any other artificial additives. At The Pure and Natural Cream Company, we believe there is no point using organic or natural ingredients in skin care products if they are then mixed with chemicals or artificial enhancers. Marichel Skin Care cream is made by hand, so that every care is taken to make sure our product is in the best possible condition to help you treat your dermatitis. So if you are looking for a natural cream for dermatitis, why not give it a try?